简要描述:The „TTT Tapping-Torque-Testsystem“as a Multiple Evaluation System for EfficiencyRatings of Lubricants, Tapping Tools andCoatings

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TTT Tapping-Torque-Testsystem -  when monitoring lubricants

Torque controlled „Laboratory-Complete-System"            

Easy laboratory system in method, handling and software.
           Designed with automatic in feed device, integrated X-Y-positioning table for aligned positioning as well as for recording of series of measurement plus analysis of results

Range of performance
TTT System TTT Measurement-Methodology with TTT Equipment
labtap G8

Range of measurement torque 50 - 700 Ncm
Range of speed 300 - 3000 RPM
Laboratory finish RAL 1015 bright ivory
ZAP Z-axis balanced feeding system with special start-functions for easy and safe operation in laboratories
Integrated manual X-Y-positioning table for exactly controlled handling and TTT system-start for faultless measurements
TSE The TSE_Temperature-Sensor-Equipment has specially been developed for laboratory requirements of the lubricant, tool and coating industry and performs only in connection with the TTT System
TTT Software WinPCA3
PC-screening & analysis software for comparative value observation with allocated storage of definable series of measurement plus an analyzer for individual automatic analysis including flexible differentiations of various single- and series of measurement results
Application / Features
  • For evaluation & development of optimized lubricants

  • For evaluation & development of optimized tap tool geometries and tool coatings

  • For achievement of optimized production parameters

  • For analysis of errors and influences (FMEA)

  • For process-controlled and safe production regarding quality standard ISO 9000 with quality assessment including protocol

Characters / Advantages / Benefits
  • Multiple Evaluation System (MES)

  • Easy and fast handling for faultless measurement results

  • With flexible analyser for direct evaluations and interpretations

Information about

TTT Laboratory software WinPCA3

The newly expanded screening & analysis software “WinPCA3" has specially been developed for the demands of the lubricant industry as well as for the tapping tool- and coating manufacturers

Due to the torque coverage the TTT system is also used for screening optimized process parameters with automatic recording of production process and quality assessment


Automatic data acquisition and storage of production parameters used in the manufacturing process to develop quality protocol and solutions

Quality assurance and statistical analysis is based on sanctioning of accrued data

For development to determine the best tool geometry and coatings as well as for lubricant cooling ingredients and emulsions

Real time monitoring of the manufacturing process to help determine the effects of operating parameters including lubrication and tool functions


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